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In a typical biomass boiler the biomass surface temperature increases to 130°160°C during the first couple of milliseconds after its insertion into the furnace. As water is evaporated starting from the surface the wet core size decreases. Typically the is not completely dry at the center when the volatiles release starts close to the surface.

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Particulate matter emission reduction in small- and medium ...

Measurements on an 18 kW th boiler showed that the penetration window is in the size range 0.040.49 m and the capture efficiency can even be negative in this window. For the medium-scale boiler the condenser reduces the overall particulate emissions by 64% in number and 62% in mass per m 3 and 70% in number and 69% in mass per MJ.

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OSTI.GOV Technical Report: Potential for Particulate ...

@article{osti_1434002 title = {Potential for Particulate Emission Reduction in Flue Gas Condensing Heat Exchangers in Biomass-Fired Boiler} author = {Butcher Thomas A.} abstractNote = {Direct biomass combustion for the production of heat is a broad field of technology which ranges from residential wood stoves to commercial and industrial and furnaces.

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