shandong weima boiler methanol boiler film

CN102586772B - Passivation process after ... - Google Patents

The process comprises preparing a passivation solution and adding the passivation solution after the cleaning of the boiler is passed and circulating at 15-35 DEG C for 8-12 hours wherein the passivation solution comprises methanol sodium hydrogen sulfate hydrazine trialkyl ammonium chloride ammonia and water the contents of the above components in per liter of the passivation solution are as follows: 120-160mg/L of methanol

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US7671240B2 - Method for producing polyoxymethylene ...

Processes for preparing tri- and tetraoxymethylene glycol dimethyl ether (POMDME n=34 ) include feeding a reaction mixture of an aqueous formaldehyde solution and methanol into a reactive evaporator and separating into a first low boiler fraction and a first high boiler fraction recycling the first high boiler fraction into the reactor feeding the first low boiler fraction into a first ...

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