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OXY-Flex Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer - GasLab.com

The Oxy-Flex Oxygen Analyzer is suitable for measuring 0-25% or 0- oxygen levels in exhaust pipes smoke stacks and boiler flues. It can measure the oxygen concentration in air or gas mixtures with temperatures of -100 to 400C. The oxygen sensor element is mounted in the tip of the stainless steel probe and is protected by a stainless steel cap.

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US20040237909A1 - Boiler improvements with oxygen-enriched ...

The boiler exhaust gas passes through a Gas Primer Sector (GPS) combined with the boiler to effect heat transfer to the combustion gas in indirect counter-flow heat exchange. Sharply reduced gas...

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Combustion Boiler Services Ltd

Combustion in a gas boiler is the process of burning a mixture of fuel gas and air. Hydrocarbon molecules in the fuel gas react with the oxygen molecules from the air and a lot of heat is released. The products of this combustion are carbon dioxide and water. The water is in the form of steam or water vapour which if it is cooled enough becomes liquid water.

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