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Various Design Burners for Marine Boiler

Marine boilers usually burn residual low-grade fuels. This fuel is stored in double-bottom tanks from which it is drawn by a transfer pump up to settling tanks. Here any water in the fuel may settle out and be drained away. The high-pressure fuel is supplied to a burner which it leaves as an atomised spray.

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Marine Engineering 360: Marine Boiler: Types of Burner

Aug 28 2016 · The main purpose of boiler burner is to break the oil into fine droplets i.e. to atomize the fuel in correct manner so that efficient combustion can be achieved. In pressure jet burner an orifice or nozzle is fitted at the end of a pressure tube which atomizes the fuel in to fine droplets. Atomization of fuel also depends mainly on the flow rate of the fuel from the burners end.

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