4 0 methanol boiler operation fee

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A fee of $200.00 for each boiler inspected; or . 2. A daily visit charge of $640.00 for any shop inspection of four hours or less and $1200.00 for any shop inspection exceeding four hours. 12:90-4.13 Fee for field inspection (a) An insurance company making an annual field inspection shall pay a fee of $100.00 for each boiler inspected.

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Boiler Safety Frequently Asked Questions

The certificate of operation fee is $70 per boiler for and is applied to all boilers. Inspection fees are assessed when a TDLR Boiler inspector conducts the inspection. The fees are: $70 for a heating boiler with an inspection opening; $40 for a heating boiler without an inspection opening;

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Texas Boiler Law

(a) The executive director shall issue to the owner or operator of a boiler a certificate of operation for the boiler if after a certificate inspection: (1) the boiler is found to be in a safe condition for operation; and (2) the owner or operator has paid the fees assessed under Section 755.030.

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Chapter 540 - Boilers and Water Heaters

(c) to $10; Sec. 19-435 transferred to Sec. 29-238 in 1983; P.A. 86-83 increased all boiler inspection fees increased the fee for the issuance of an operating certificate from $10 to $15 and added references to hot water heaters; May Sp. Sess. P.A. 92-6 increased various inspection fees and made technical changes; P.A. 99-138 added provisions ...

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Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels

Note: If sending in intent forms for two boilers the total payment fee is double the fee listed in the fee schedule. If seeking approval of three boilers in the same boiler room the total payment will be triple the fee listed in the fee schedule. Mail these items to: PA Department of Labor & Industry Boiler Division 651 Boas Street Room 1606

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