30 0 methanol boiler operation fee

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A fee of $200.00 for each boiler inspected; or . 2. A daily visit charge of $640.00 for any shop inspection of four hours or less and $1200.00 for any shop inspection exceeding four hours. 12:90-4.13 Fee for field inspection (a) An insurance company making an annual field inspection shall pay a fee of $100.00 for each boiler inspected.

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Boiler Safety Frequently Asked Questions

The certificate of operation fee is $70 per boiler for and is applied to all boilers. Inspection fees are assessed when a TDLR Boiler inspector conducts the inspection. The fees are: $70 for a heating boiler with an inspection opening; $40 for a heating boiler without an inspection opening;

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South Dakota Legislature

In addition to the operation certificate fee required in this section and except as provided for in §§ 34-29A-36 and 34-29A-37 no owner user or insurer of a boiler which is subject to inspection by the Department of Public Safety may be required to pay more than one certificate inspection fee and one external inspection fee per boiler ...

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